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Cotton Cloth Face Masks with Loop and Drawstring

$ 10.00

These are the finished product from our FREE face mask pattern.   Made to last, you can wash them over and over.  

Sew with two layers of 100% premium quilting cotton.  The interior is solid color light tan or white so you can easily tell the inside of the mask. 

There is a 6" plastic enclosed wire sewn into the top of the mask so it can be pinched to your nose.  The bottom of the mask has a dart so it fits well at your chin.

The mask has a fabric tie that is a loop at the bottom.  You slip the loop over your head, pull the mask up to your neck, lift it onto your face and then tie the top fabric cords around the back of your head.  

Your ears are never stressed, the tightness of the mask is completely adjustable.  

This mask is latex free and can be washed with your regular laundry.

Made in Wisconsin!

If you are interested in our free pattern, CLICK HERE to go to that page.

We also have a face mask kit available if you are interested in sewing your own.  Click here to go see the kit.


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