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 You can navigate our store in several ways.  Below are links that will take you to the most popular collections.  On the individual collections pages you can select items and read more about that particular product.

You can also navigate our store via the menu that is at the top of every page, just below our name.  (if you are on a mobile device, click on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner)

BEST SELLER!  Shattered Project Pack   and KITS!  Click on the photos to see the complete quilt kits. 


T-Sheets - NEW!  sheets that make many identical triangles with two fabrics pieces


Project Packs - patterns with Thangles

Quilt Kits - pattern, Thangles and fabric

Fabric Kits - just the fabric for our quilt patterns.  Click here if you already have the project pack.

Block and Set - modular quilting

2.5" Strip Patterns - all of these patterns are made with 2.5" strips

Q Strips - quarter squares

Acrylic Rulers 

Mini Quilts

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