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Sea Stars - Star Sampler Quilt using Thangles with 12 blocks

$ 12.99

This beautiful quilt is made with 12 different star blocks, so it is a sampler quilt.  But there is unity to the quilt because all of the star blocks are made from just 2 units:  squares and Thangles.  The stars all look different because of placement and color choices. 

You can have lots of fun making this quilt.  It is perfect for using up a fabric stash or a collection of 2.5" precut strips.  

This Project Pack contains 12 star block patterns printed on cards.   Each block pattern is made with 4 strips of 2.5" fabric.  The blocks finishes to 12" square.

The setting for the blocks has a beautiful half star border.  These blocks are also made from 2.5" strips.  It works really well to make the border blocks as you are making the main star blocks.  

The quilt uses one pack of 2" Thangles and they are included in this project pack. 

The quilt finishes to 72" x 88"


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