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Fractured -Modern Quilt - Precut Quilt Kit with Fabric, Pattern and Thangles

$ 99.00

This kit contains everything you need to make the Fractured quilt top.  The pattern, Thangles and all fabrics for the top and binding are included. 

The color families in this kit are green, blue-green, and grey. The background fabric is white.  They are the exact same fabrics used to make the cover quilt.  

This is what is included in your Cover Quilt kit:

  • There are 2 precut strips of 9 different interest colors.  
  • There are 18 precut strips of the white background color
  • There is 3/8 yd of binding fabric.
  • Your kit contains Thangles and the pattern.  This is the Project Pack.  If you want to purchase JUST the Project PackClick HERE 
  • The quilt in this kit finishes about 64" wide by 72" long

The cover kit is $99.00 with FREE shipping in the United States.

We also have this Kit available for a Queen sized Quilt that finishes 80" wide x 96" tall.

This is what is included in your Queen Quilt kit:

  • There are 3 precut strips of 6 different interest colors and 4 strips of 3 additional interest colors. 
  • There are 30 precut strips of the white background color
  • There is 3/4 yd of binding fabric.
  • Your kit contains Thangles, the pattern and an additional pack of the 4" Thangles. Everything to make the quilt top and binding are included.

The queen kit is $162.00 with FREE shipping in the United States.

This contemporary improvisational quilt is our third in a series of easy modern quilts made from fabric strips.  This whole quilt is made from only one strip size (OSS).  The cutting is super easy!  All you need is 4.5" wide strips.

There are 72 blocks in the cover quilt.  With this pattern we show you a technique that is only possible with THANGLES.  You make what we call a T-Log.  This unit eliminates seams, does not waste fabric and speeds up construction of your quilt. 

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make t-logs Thangles. 

This quilt has 2 block patterns.  Block A is made by slicing the T-log units and adding a small spacer piece.  Block B is simply 2 T-Logs sewn together.  

There are many ways you can vary the blocks in this quilt to create unique designs.  A section on creating variations is included in the pattern.  Suggestions for color selection are also given.  

Kit shipping to Canada is $45

Kit shipping to Europe is $65

Kit shipping to Australian is $75

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