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Mary's Top Tool

Mary's Top Tool

$ 4.99

Mary's Top Tool - A NEW product!
Some quilting tools are just a necessity.  My favortie tool is the 4" square.  I use this to cut apart Thangles, to cut squares and other shapes, to check items as I sew, the list goes on.  I love this size so much because it fits in my hand and I never have to worry that it will move when I am using it to cut.

I've designed a 4" acrylic square ruler that has what you need to make it work well.  

  • It has a diagonal line and 1/4" divisions.
  • It shows the 1 inch grid.
  • It is not full of markings that you never use.  
  • It is crystal clear so you can see what you are doing.  

This tool is one that you will love.  It is the best for cutting apart Thangles.  It is great for cutting squares from strips.  It is great for mini quilt making.  Indispensible.  


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