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BAB 14 - Shattered

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This contemporary improvisational quilt is fun to piece and once you get the process, it goes very fast.  The blocks in this quilt are made from only one strip size (OSS).  The cutting is super easy!  You might notice that our sample pictures show the quilt rotated.  You decide which way is up.  

There are 5 columns in this quilt.  Each of the columns has 10 blocks.  Thus, the quilt has 50 blocks.   You make one column at a time.  You will have lots of fun selecting colors for your columns.  The background color stays the same in each column.

After you finish the columns, you add one border and the quilt is finished!  (You can omit the border if you like)

We show you three color variations.  In one, we used a dark grey for the block background color and for the border and binding.  In a second, we replace the grey background with white.  In the third we used a white background in the blocks and a grey for the border and binding.  

The quilt finishes 57" wide by 80" long.

The project pack includes the pattern and a pack of 2.25" Thangles.


We have kits available for this quilt in three colorways. 

The original has a grey background as shown on the cover of the project pack.   Click here to see this kit.  

Thangles Shattered - version 1

The second colorway is the same colors with a white background.  Click here to see this quilt kit.

Thangles Shattered - version 2

The third colorway has a grey border, white background for the blocks and blue, blue-green, grey, green and dark blue for the column colors.  Click here to see this quilt.

Thangles Shattered - version 3

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