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Mama and Her Kitten Project Pack

$ 11.99

This wall hanging is made with 2" Thangles.   You receive a full pack of Thangles in this Project Pack and you can make the project many times.

The quilt measures 35" wide x 41" tall.

To make this quilt you need 20 different fabrics for the cats.  A 2.5" x 21" strip is perfect.  We made our colorful sample with hand dyed fabrics from Starr Designs.

We do have a starter kit with exactly the same fabrics used to make our cover quilt.  You can see that by clicking HERE. 

The project directions are in full color and we give complete illustrated directions for making a very common quilting unit, the "tulip" unit.   This unit forms the head of the mama and her kitten.

The tulip unit is another no math, no cutting of triangles feature of Thangles.  You can watch a video of the process below.

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