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2.5" Ruler for use with 2" Thangles and 2.5" Fabric Strips

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Quilters love working with strips.  From precuts to scrap based quilting, strips are popular.

We have designed a ruler specifically for working with strips.  They are designed to make your cutting foolproof and to make special units. 

With Thangles, you can make a special half square triangle unit with one side longer that the other.  We call this the T-Log.  When you make T-logs, it eliminates seams and speeds up your quilting. 

Here is how the ruler works.  You look to the top of the ruler for the 1/4" and 3/4" cutsThese are the cuts used for our T-Log technique.  

When you need 1/2" or even numbers measurements, you look to the bottom of the ruler.  

You can see how the rulers work in the video below.  The rulers are inexpensive and take the confusion out of quilting measurements. 

This ruler is for for 2.5" strips and is used with 2" Thangles.

All of the patterns below use the T-Log

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